NOTE: The research projects of the DFG Priority Programme 1372 TiP have been terminated. Shortly, this page will be relaunched featuring the main results of the research programme.

Erwin Appel & Volker Mosbrugger

Chinese cooperation partners: YAO Tandong (Director of ITP), FANG Xaomin (ITP & Lanzhou University), DING Lin (ITP) KOU XiangYu (ITP)

Helmut Willems & Erwin Appel

Chinese partners: DING Lin (ITP), LUO Hui  & LI Gang (NIGLAS), HUANG Baochun (IGG CAS)

Frank Lehmkuhl, Georg StauchBernd WünnemannKai Hartmann & Bernhard Diekmann

Chinese partners: LI Shijie (NIGLAS/ITP), JIN Huijin (Lanzhou), CHEN Fahu & ZHAO Hui (Lanzhou University), ZHU Liping (ITP, CAREERI (Lanzhou)), ZHANG Yongzhan (Nanjing University)